Viktor Jacynycz Blockchain Researcher

About me

Graduate in software engineering and masters stutudent.

Currently working as a research assistant in blockchain and distributed technologies. He has developed smart contracts such as the funding platform Betfunding and currently working on a decentralized science publication system using blockchain:

He is willing to end his master’s degree and begin working on his Ph.D.

His interests are cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized apps and open source software.


Desarrollo de una plataforma de crowdfunding distribuida sobre Ethereum

Viktor Jacynycz and Adrian Calvo

Betfunding es una plataforma de crowdfunding distribuida que usa apuestas en lugar de donaciones para promover la producción artística y el trabajo creativo.

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Betfunding: A Distributed Bounty-Based Crowdfunding Platform over Ethereum

Viktor Jacynycz, Adrian Calvo, Samer Hassan and Antonio A. Sánchez-Ruiz

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is a permissionless distributed database which allows distributed storage and computation over a large network of nodes. This technology has been applied recently to many other fields besides e-currencies (Bitcoin 2.0 projects). In this paper we present Betfunding: a blockchain-based decentralized crowdfunding platform. On the contrary of regular crowdfunding platforms, our system does not require a central and reliable organization. In Betfutding users bet whether the project will or will not be implemented in a given time frame, increasing the bounty and incentive for potential developers to carry it out.

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A Decentralized Publication System for Open Science using Blockchain and IPFS

Antonio Tenorio-Fornés, Viktor Jacynycz, David Llop, Antonio A. Sánchez-Ruiz and Samer Hassan

Science publication and peer review raises concerns about fairness, quality, performance, cost or accuracy. The Open Access movements has been unable to fulfill all its promises, and middlemen publishers can still impose policies and concentrate profits. This paper, using emerging distributed technologies such as Blockchain and IPFS, proposes a decentralized publication system for open science. It provides transparent governance, a distributed reviewer reputation system, and open access by-design. The paper concludes reviewing the open challenges of such approach.

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